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Since I haven’t been blogging I haven’t posted all the things I’ve made recently so I’ll just pack it all into one post to spare those of you who couldn’t care less 😉

First up a Fancified Olivia Dress for Audrey. Gathered Collar is from This Tutorial

Under shorts are an otto pattern with an added ruffle.

Next is Anna’s Beloved Monster Pajamas.. she demanded these by the way. Got the fabric, stuck it on my sewing machine and said ME!! This is made from an Ottobre Pattern

A sweet floral top for Amelia, another Ottobre ( Otto)

A Farbenmix Roxy Dress for Amelia

Farbenmix Henrika for Audrey

Shirts for Peyton

Isn’t he a great model 😉

OK there’s more but I’ll spare you for now 😉 I think that gets me acceptably caught up.

Next week starts Cinderella (Ballet) Week so prepare for lots more pictures!


Amelia had the opportunity to spend the day learning at a one room schoolhouse with our homeschool group recently. She was extremely excited seeing as how she believes she IS Laura Ingalls. She picked the fabric and told me how to make her outfit… then wore it for over a week straight. She also was the 3rd to last kid out in the spelling bee.. the other 2 kids left were MUCH older than her(the little brainiac 😉 )

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