For the past several days I’ve noticed the AC hasn’t been working properly. It’s been very humid in the house and the temp has been hovering at about 78. I just assumed it was because it’s been 90+ outside and humid as can be.
Well the gas company came out to change our meter and when he went in to relight the pilot he came to find me with “maam, you have a little problem here”
UH OH…. go out there and the AC is sputtering water. Fantastic.
Call the repairman and he says turn it off NOW… Ughhhh.

By this point I was feeling near tears… this is the type of thing Joe deals with. The repairman said he’d be out sometime tomorrow afternoon. I called Joe and whined. He said to go to a hotel and not to worry about it.

I’d like to tell you at this point in the story I sucked it up and we’re sitting in the hot house dealing….. but that’s not what happened. I.. am a wuss. It’s plain and simple. I packed up my kids, grabbed their swimsuits and PJs and we went straight to the hotel. We did have a lot of fun swimming though and plan on doing it again tomorrow… right up until they kick us out 😉
So I’ll admit it I’m a baby… but I’m not hot and the kids are happy and comfy and sleeping so I’m ok with that. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a day filled with a fixed air conditioner. 😉

Just a little update… our air conditioner is now fixed and our house is nice and cool again 🙂 I wanted to add some pics that I snuck of the kids wiped out in the hotel room because clearly a pictureless post breaks my rules 😉

Amelia and Anna in the crib there

Audrey and Avery

And sweet chivalrous Peyton insisted he be the one to sleep on the floor because he’s a boy and he’s tough 🙂