I know this is a day early here but in a couple hours our Daddy will be waking up in Australia. Considering Dad’s half a world away our gift ideas were limited… hope you like what we came up with Daddy 🙂

Underneath everyone’s pictures is what they said they love best about their Daddy 🙂

Weylin likes hanging out with his Dad because he likes his personality and thinks he’s fun to be with. He also likes that he knows how much he loves him and is able to be supportive of him.

Peyton loves his Dad because he’s nice to him and works hard for us.

Anna likes Daddy’s snuggles and says he’s funny.

Amelia likes her Daddy because he gives her candy and is nice.

Audrey loves her Dad because he’s nice and he gives us candy…. there must be more candy than I know about 😉

Avery loves her Dad because he’s her Baby Daddy ( this is what she calls him because then she has to “take care”of him)

I hope you have a wonderful day Daddy… we’re thinking of you and we love you!!

Here are the pictures we took before Daddy left with the 5 younger kiddos 🙂

We Miss You Daddy!