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Last week we went to the gardens for Avery’s birthday. It is by far one of the kids very favorite places to go. They’ve really done a fabulous job of making it both beautiful and fun. I always bring my camera because it’s such a perfect place for pictures!

This picture just makes me melt… what a good big brother he is!


Since I made the other post prematurely I’m adding pictures fromΒ  her actual birthday now.

This year I sewed most of her presents because that’s what she wanted since usually she gets stuck with mostly hand me downs. The only other thing she asked for was flowers.

We went to the Botanical Gardens in the morning, I’ll share more pics from that later but here’s a few of the birthday girl.

Here’s her “official” birthday outfit I made her.

New Dress and Leggings… and matching undies of course πŸ˜‰

A new leotard made by me and a Tutu I couldn’t resist at the dance store

New Blanket/Pillowcase and a Princess nightie

Good night Birthday Girl!!

Avery is turning 4 this week. How bittersweet that is. Four is when they cease to be babies and start becoming little girls, and what a sweet little girl she is. We spent this past week doing Cinderella and she is the CUTEST little buzzy bee in the whole wide world. She spent all week buzzing ( quite literally) around telling everyone she was a bee and she was going to STING them!!Β  Avery is such a gentle little girl. She doesn’t talk much to other people but at home she is the most talkative little thing, and boy does she have the cutest little voice in the world. When she looks at me with those big eyes and talks in that precious little voice there’s not much she can’t get from me.

Avery growing up is hardest for me. She was the baby I was closest to. The one who didn’t ever leave my side, who was in no hurry to grow up. She nursed the longest, walked the latest and is still content to sit on my lap for hours on end if I would let her. I will forever cherish the time she was little. Here she is in herΒ  brand new mama made birthday dress.

Last night was our first performance of Cinderella with the girls Ballet class. The girls did FABULOUS and could not have been any cuter… so expect more pictures after Saturdays performances ;). I LOVE LOVE LOVE their dance teacher and we are so blessed to have her. Honestly I cannot say enough good things about what she’s done with all the girls she teaches. Wonderful performance and I think all the girls were very very happy!
Without further ado… the pictures.

Lots more pictures soon πŸ™‚

Since I haven’t been blogging I haven’t posted all the things I’ve made recently so I’ll just pack it all into one post to spare those of you who couldn’t care less πŸ˜‰

First up a Fancified Olivia Dress for Audrey. Gathered Collar is from This Tutorial

Under shorts are an otto pattern with an added ruffle.

Next is Anna’s Beloved Monster Pajamas.. she demanded these by the way. Got the fabric, stuck it on my sewing machine and said ME!! This is made from an Ottobre Pattern

A sweet floral top for Amelia, another Ottobre ( Otto)

A Farbenmix Roxy Dress for Amelia

Farbenmix Henrika for Audrey

Shirts for Peyton

Isn’t he a great model πŸ˜‰

OK there’s more but I’ll spare you for now πŸ˜‰ I think that gets me acceptably caught up.

Next week starts Cinderella (Ballet) Week so prepare for lots more pictures!

Amelia had the opportunity to spend the day learning at a one room schoolhouse with our homeschool group recently. She was extremely excited seeing as how she believes she IS Laura Ingalls. She picked the fabric and told me how to make her outfit… then wore it for over a week straight. She also was the 3rd to last kid out in the spelling bee.. the other 2 kids left were MUCH older than her(the little brainiac πŸ˜‰ )

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